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The new CAP is currently being intensively debated and negotiated in Brussels and there is a chance to participate in the debate.


Four different agroforestry systems were tested - Portuguese Montado, Cherry tree pastures in Switzerland, Silvoarable systems in the UK and Short rotation coppice in Germany.

Photo: Jo Smith

The Agroforestry session, organised by AFINET partners and EURAF members Jo Smith (ORC), Anastasia Pantera (TEI), Gerardo Moreno (UNEX) and João Palma (ISA), provided a tour of agroforestry systems from Greece to Russia to Cuba to Argentina.


Submit your abstract here by 31th October 2018 and come wow your colleagues next May!

Photo: CELPA

Joana Amaral Paulo, delegate for Portugal of the EURAFoffered an oral presentation at the largest Portuguese conference related to the Agricultural sector.

Eugene Curran and Jim McAdam

They look forward to a fruitful partnership with other members and delegates contributing to the further development of agroforestry in both Ireland and Europe.


Cranfield University is looking for a researcher with a PhD (or near completion) focused on grassland or crop management and/or the application of agricultural computer model. The deadline for applications is 15th October 2018. 


A sandwich PhD study of four years, including an allowance (1190 €/month) for 18 months in Wageningen with health insurance cover for the whole four year period. Bench and University fees will also be covered. As part of the sandwich PhD, you have to broaden your knowledge as specified in a Training and Supervision Plan, including refresher courses, advanced PhD courses, presentation of posters and talks at conferences.


The EIP-AGRI Focus Group is looking for 20 experts. Farmers and advisers, researchers and other experts are invited to apply for participation.


The objective of this operation is to develop and implement a sustainable model for the cultivation, harvesting and management of agricultural farm using a new agroforestry system (fruits shrubs/trees intercropped with herbs) and biomass heating system fueled by pellets.